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Accelerating radical growth through interoperability

Our new global research found that in the last two years alone, one in two companies have had to transform multiple parts of their business at the same time or execute a major transformation much faster than ever before.

The key to value creation in the metaverse? It’s more than technology

I’ve spent the better part of the past six months researching the metaverse, and I’ve learned what’s possible. It’s staggering. The opportunities are boundless. For me, metaverse is where we can be ourselves, express ourselves and get together with the like-minded to build and exchange value.

Psychological safety: Crack the work behavior code

Fear vs. trust. Apathy vs. engagement. Which one would you choose? Trust, engagement, purpose, courage, these are all positive emotions and attitudes that can make the workplace come alive. They also make people feel safe and valued at work.